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Men's Spa Services

While most of our Spa Services can be enjoyed by anyone, we have highlighted some of our most requested "Men's Services" for easy viewing!  

Modern Man Spa Retreat  $295  (Allow 3.5 hours)

60 min Deep Tissue Massage, Gentleman's Relaxing Facial with hot oil scalp massage and a Men's Man-icure & Pedicure.

Gentleman's Relaxing Facial  $105
This is a relaxing, toning and deep-cleansing treatment for men only. We use products specifically designed for men, in combination with a relaxing facial, neck and shoulder massage and hot oil scalp massage. All of your stress will melt away!
Men's Man-icure & Pedicure  $95
Includes a strengthening & skin softening Keratin treatment for the hands and feet, exfoliating scrub, cuticle care, clip, shape, buff and massage complete with heated towels and hot stones.  
Waxing & Facial Threading Services 

Brow | $20

Underarm | $30


Back & Shoulders | $100

Full Leg | $90 - Half Leg | $60


Full Arms | $45 - Half Arms | $35


Full Chest | $60 

"Hair Did It Go" Inhibiting Enzyme Treatment | $10 per area

This hair inhibiting enzyme treatment is applied directly after waxing or threading.  5 - 15 treatments and you can be hair free!



You need 2-3 weeks of hair growth
**Cannot wax if taking Retin-A, Accutane, Differin, Benzoyl Peroxide or other medications for acne.
**Cannot wax on sunburnt skin, or has had Laser Resurfacing within past year
After Care: No sun, hot baths/showers or abrasive scrubs for 24hrs.

Additional Service Enhancements:

*Please request add-ons when booking, as extra time may have to be accommodated

  • Aromatherapy $10

  • Collagen Crystal Lip Mask $10

  • Keratin Treatment - Hand or Foot $10

  • Sugar Scrub Treatment - Hand or Foot $10

  • Sugar Scrub Treatment - Back $10

  • Nap Time - 15 min $20

*Spa Guests Under 18* 

Parents or Guardians of any guest under the age of 18 will be asked to sign a consent form and/or be present during treatment. 

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